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About Co-Founder & CEO
Brian Nestler

​Brian has a passion for emergency management and has been active in every phase for many years! Recognizing that planning and preparedness can eliminate the need for response and recovery, he has embarked on this new journey to assist event planners in making sure that events are safe and prepared. He has an eye for strategy and enjoys working with all different groups to ensure that event challenges are minimized, and people have a good time attending events.
Prior to this new mission, he spent many years with the American Red Cross as the Regional Disaster Response Manager for the state of Illinois. While there, he oversaw thousands of humanitarian responses to all kinds of disasters, from single-family home fires to massive weather events like hurricanes and tornados. In addition to those duties, he also oversaw the development and execution of many disaster plans with various civic and private partners and participated in multiple different preparedness activities and disaster exercises. He has regularly served as a subject matter expert both internally at the Red Cross and with external community partners. One of his great passions was welcoming new volunteers and helping them get the skills they needed to be successful in the Red Cross. This involved developing onboarding programs and leading many training classes to make sure those volunteers were operationally effective for the next disaster.
Brian looks forward to bringing this experience to your next event and the safety plans that need to be developed. Please click on the Free Consultation button to book a 30-minute meeting to get the process started for your event! 

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